RenaeFraser's Filthy Mind.

RenaeFraser's Filthy Mind.

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Renae By RenaeFraser Updated Oct 30, 2016

It was a cool Sunday night my friend Christina and I were too bored to stay home, after talking it over we decided to go out. I was in my room getting dressed I had on a light blue mini skirt and a white off the shoulder shirt with a cute wedge heels, most people wouldn't agree with my choice of clothing being a big girl and all but I was confident enough to wear it so those same people can suck it.

As I was putting my shoulder length hair up into a ponytail, Christina came in with a smile so wide when she tells me "Vince is coming to pick us up in about five." Vince was her boyfriend hemuchch older boyfriend, her much older married boyfriend hey I'm not a judgmental person if he's what makes her smile like she is now like some maniac then I'm all for it.

But why tonight of all nights, I had recently broken up with my boyfriend Jermaine so I kinda need this girls night out "Oh.. great..." I basically mumbled.

"Oh don't be like that, it'll be fun." I scoffed "Yeah its always fun bein...

Kween_Kaelaa Kween_Kaelaa Apr 19, 2015
@Kween_Kaelaa I searched up @Bitesizebeauty but it didn't come up
Nahna14 Nahna14 Feb 08, 2015
Lol that's right n hunty U look good not fat n Ur dress is Bomb