Mine (BoyxBoy)

Mine (BoyxBoy)

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Sadistic_Panda By Sadistic_Panda Updated Oct 03, 2016

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Aiden is an orphan who just recently reached the age of 17 but has yet to be adopted. Constantly wondering where he'll end up, he can't help the feeling he has that he'll end up happy and protected no matter how implausible it may seem.

That is, until a young male, seemingly no older than himself walks into the orphanage and manages to convince the caretakers with not much effort that Aiden should come live with this stranger. 

Before he could even gather all his thoughts, his minimal belongings are packed and he's being shipped off to an unknown place, yet he feels like its always been his true home. 

Although the winter weather is harsh, he can't help the warmth he feels radiating off his savior.

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CrispyAsian CrispyAsian Mar 29, 2017
UnenchantedArmy468 UnenchantedArmy468 May 31, 2017
Ahhhh some kpop!!!!! Yasssss!!!!!! I love me some good kpop! :p
Rose_The_Wolf_1 Rose_The_Wolf_1 Jan 09, 2017
I hate girls like that... I'll keep my tomboyish ways thank you very much! I would probably give everyone a heart attack if I became girly. Other than when i fangirl but that is only around people I trust
mcr15wolves2001 mcr15wolves2001 Feb 09, 2017
Now that sounds like something that i would actually to her just to see her reaction haha lmfao
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Wow. I seriously like this. Don't know why, I cant exactly explain it but it's really good. Thanks!!
LoveThatGlitter LoveThatGlitter Dec 02, 2016
It was weird. But i dont care, ill tell a friend of mine on Wattpad for you.