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The Saga Begins...

Outcast. Loner. Freak.

Born with the power to control The Wend - The Dark Energy of the Universe - Eliza Grant has endured ridicule and shame for her entire life, but on her 17th Birthday things suddenly change. 

She is recruited into Blackstone: A Top Secret Government School that trains teenagers to kill the Grimm: hostile, shapeshifting, aliens from another Universe that seek to conquer the Earth and our Galaxy. 

Blackstone Agents are the first and last line of defense against the insidious force that is the Grimm and the Secret War rages across our Solar System unknown to the majority of the populace of Earth that goes about its business unaware.

In this story, the first of a 9 Book Saga, Eliza trains to become a Blackstone Ranger and comes to terms with her love for a handsome boy who is her Instructor at Blackstone. 

Follow Eliza's journey here on WattPad and immerse yourself into the Hidden World that is...


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RadishRadish RadishRadish Jul 19, 2016
Good to know that in a world of zombies there's always Burger King for comfort
JamieArmbrister JamieArmbrister Mar 14, 2016
So far, in this book, I really can relate to what Mary is trying to explain.
Montana-Girl Montana-Girl Jan 15, 2016
You should do a character profile or something because i don't know what age she is, or stuff like that other than she has mermaids hair
Montana-Girl Montana-Girl Jan 15, 2016
"Leaving my this world and my troubles behind for another night" i like it just like this book. Its a very wonderful and creative book and its only the first chapter. Can't wait for more!
GalaxyWolf2901 GalaxyWolf2901 Oct 25, 2015
But if the dark power wanted a sacrifice you think she would be energized
ExpressionlessWords ExpressionlessWords Oct 21, 2015
Z-gang that never gets old, Eliza always suprises me to no end. Funny how she just jumped up to join when she found out the Razor Phones would be handed out to new members. Ha.