The Window's Obsession: The Silent Boy

The Window's Obsession: The Silent Boy

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"I am so willing to give up everything to be with you. My future won't be my future if you're not in it. My family...they'll understand too... I know that its crazy to think that I'd love someone like you."  

He looked at me with hurt eyes. Then he started to turn his face away. But then I grabbed his face.

"But I love you AJ. Unconditionally and Irrevocably . I-"  he mad me gasp when he grabbed my hips.  He smiled at me. 

"I love you Rebecca. You are and will always be my everything. " 

He rolled over so that now I was on top of him. He grabbed my hair softly and it made me moan. He smiled at my enjoyment of this then kissed me long and passionately. Never ending. 
Its this that makes me go harder for him. Every. Single. Day.


noecturnal noecturnal Apr 04, 2017
I mean if Aj is that type, What type is Noah then? Surely they're of the same breed.
karosado1 karosado1 Feb 21, 2016
I thought she said she had a 'perfect life' and a 'loving family'
karosado1 karosado1 Feb 21, 2016
She can just lock her window. Then again she says its really hot.....but she can just leave the A.C on.
burningmybridge burningmybridge Dec 07, 2015
Lol if someone was to jump in my wife Dow and look like that my reaction would be the exact same
moolawteetaw moolawteetaw Dec 01, 2015
Boys that have soft, dark chestnut hair, a cute smile/smirk, and heterchromia are hot! I repeat, hot!