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Alex Olson By AlexOlson Updated 2 years ago
Zombies have taking a beating. They're no longer scary, they're a joke now. Every zombie story is the same. So this story mixes it up.
Haahaha. "the police wont answer they can go fuck themself." Omg. Your characters are great.
I love this!! To be honest the characters glued to the screen the whole time :)
Gah, this chapter was amazing. Finally something...gory. I'm sick of all the happy-go-lucky stories.
OH! I forgot to say something! I like how its realistic, and you still have that humor in it(: "Because the carpet was ruined, and Eddie didn't want to clean it" xD
Its short, but still REALLY good. I have to say that I saw a few grammatical errors, while reading. Though that didn't make me miss the AWESOMENESS of this chapter! Upload soon!
Wow, this was great! I love it! :D I like how you have humor in it, instead of it being ALL serious, because when its ALL serious, it gets boring. Onto the nexttt chapta! :D