The Day I Died (2014 Watty Award Winner)

The Day I Died (2014 Watty Award Winner)

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Bob, Bob, Bob and Small Bob By NeonLights1404 Completed

2014 WATTY AWARD WINNER(Completed 18/10/14; was written a while ago and the author apologizes for the ridiculousness of the plot,  plot holes and terrible grammar mistakes that she didn't bother to fix.)

Ever plummet at 200km an hour and face plant the ground? Well let me tell you something, it's way worst than it sounds.

You're probably wondering how I would know in the first place and if you're not, well too bad, I'll telling you anyways. You see, I have a bucket list, filled with exactly 100 things I wanted to do. Thanks to number 81 and a little malfunction that occurred, I maybe, sort of, kind of....died.

Lucky enough, I got a chance to redeem myself, a chance to earn a second life and all I had to do was finish the rest of the list. Sounds easy, right? Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. Why? Well, I have deadline. 

1 year.

20 things.

And all of this madness started yesterday, on the day I died.

A/N: Not a horror story.

QveenHannah QveenHannah Aug 20
Isn't the point of having a bucket list that you after you do everything you alright to go and , y'know ... 
RE-READER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                              actually 4 months. 4 months to complete ur bucket list.
Enderflame101 Enderflame101 3 days ago
I live in Australia and I've never seen a live kangaroo. So good luck with that.
ferg7739 ferg7739 Sep 10
I always forget I have one then end up making another one that I lose anyway
spymermaid spymermaid Nov 25
Lol done, my friends and I did a flash mob at a shopping center food court in LA
XQueen_Dee XQueen_Dee Aug 11
Omg you actually won this book was one of the first book I read when I was ten and had wattpad I was with you threw the whole way and you said you were going to enter it and you won lol I'm so proud