Iron Heart  ~The Unforgettable Series of Fairy Tail <3 ( Gale ) Book: 1

Iron Heart ~The Unforgettable Series of Fairy Tail <3 ( Gale ) Book: 1

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Levy likes Gajeel but does not reveal to anyone about it. Gajeel doesn't know he likes Levy because he is such an airhead just like Natsu.  The two remain silent around eachother like they usually did. The other day, Levy went missing. Gajeel tries to find her but ends up having to do a lose-lose deal. Either Levy lives and he dies, or Levy dies and he lives. If you really want to find out what happens, you will press the button " Chapter One "
Enjoy! By the way, Chapter one and two will be really short and just talking. Chapter three and on will be more interesting :)

Kat_MCD Kat_MCD Aug 11
Gajeel, even your cat ships it.
                              And Lily loves Levy, since she gives him Kiwis!!!
Les20026606 Les20026606 Aug 02
-curled up in a chAir-nibbles on candy corn as I read- amazing
Ender_Amos Ender_Amos Oct 22
Is this Lilly or Mira using transformation magic? Either way GALE!
Dream_Shooters Dream_Shooters Apr 21, 2015
I was always wondering that same question... BUT THEN BAM!!!!!! THERE'S GALE!!!!!!!! Sorry... I'm very hyper
Erin_Woods14 Erin_Woods14 Feb 18, 2015
"To much more coming from a shrimp." gajeel says
                              "I agree MOE!!!!" says a ramdon guy