His Precious Princess      [ #Wattys2018 ]

His Precious Princess [ #Wattys2018 ]

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Princezzz_crown By Princezzz_crown Updated Nov 11, 2018

" That's right. You can't make me ever leave you. Because you and I both know, that you're more mine than you'll ever be his. And until you realise that you should dump his sorry ass, I'll do anything in my power to make you feel the way I do...my precious  princess."

Tara Mary McAdams is a normal, innocant high school girl. Being very smart with awesome grades is a way to make her parents feel proud of her. That's all she ever wanted. Most of the time, they didn't make her feel special or important. Neither did her boyfriend of nearly a year. So why should she think she's precious? 
These thoughts make Aiden Sommers' otherwise cold heart shatter into peaces.  Because that's what she is to him since the first day he layed his eyes on her. And without her knowing is she his. His precious princess...

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