*Frozen Hearts* (Jelsa)

*Frozen Hearts* (Jelsa)

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"Only love will thaw a frozen heart..."

One day, Elsa was out in a nearby town, when a strange boy named Jack Frost appeared. They had their dispute, but Elsa decides to invite him to Arendelle. Everything goes just peachy, beside the fact that Pitch is growing closer and closer to Arendelle, according to Jack. Elsa and Jack become friends actually, in fact, Jack grows a little crush on Elsa, but does Elsa feel the same way?

One day, Rapunzel was sitting in the tower alone, and it was snowing, how weird, Rapunzel thought. Then a stranger name Jack Frost entered the tower and Rapunzel knocked him out. When he woke up, Jack agreed to show Rapunzel the world below her. Rapunzel grows a little crush on Jack, but does Jack feel the same way?

Then Pitch Black comes in the picture... and Elsa is threatened. And that leads to trouble, which is directed towards Jack and Rapunzel.