Boruto Rants

Boruto Rants

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✧ Yumi ✧ By lovinanime Updated 19 hours ago

I wanted to write this for a while now...
Basically a book where I rant about the series, manga, crazy ships and absolutely everything related to "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations"
I also include some of my crazy fan theories and reviews of the episodes which air along with the manga chapters which end up releasing.

Side note: I can get pretty shady, especially when I'm angry or annoyed; so be prepared to deal with that.

Before anyone attacks me, this book is completely based on my goddamn opinion. If y'all don't agree then that's completely fine, just don't be harsh in expressing "your" opinions.
K? All good? Great.

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-shisui -shisui Jul 23
I mostly just skip around and watch the episodes that look interesting lol
-shisui -shisui Jul 23
When you realize that Shizune’s pig gets more screentime than Tenten
Why didn't his mum teaching him to fight with a fan ? It could have been interesting
anakrlns anakrlns Nov 22
sadly they heard you and made her an arc. the worst one possible.
-shisui -shisui Jul 23
I feel bad for saying this but Chocho really didn’t get either of her parents’ good genes...
Ahaha and team fifteen only got three minutes of screentime xD