The Sun and Moon and Stars

The Sun and Moon and Stars

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VEGraham By VEGraham Completed

When Frances Barrett accepts a position of housekeeper, nanny, and nurse to the Fellowes family, she believes that it will be simply a stepping stone to get over a personal tragedy. But as she cares for the ailing Helena Fellowes and her three children, she finds herself drawn into the family dynamics.

A mother lies dying of consumption, bitterness building against her husband. A father struggles with inner demons while filling his children's heads with fantasies and dreams. And three children are caught in the middle of a feud without even knowing it. All they do is listen to their father's stories and the wedge is driven deeper. 

The longer Frances stays, the more she sees of the pain behind the father's stories and the sadness and fear the mother faces, not of dying but of leaving her children with their father. What Frances had hoped would only be a few months of mind-numbing domestic work turns into a time of discovery, war, love, and tragedy.

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