Chasing Beasts

Chasing Beasts

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When Sonya's village is obliterated by a powerful beast, she struggles to make her own living by hunting monsters like the one that destroyed her home.


Sonya's home was burned to the ground.  Everyone she knew was slaughtered. She only barely managed to escape with her pet half sugar glider half kitten, Leeka, into the forest. Armed with only a map, she makes her way to Ceran Village, a place where she's heard she can make a living.

However, fresh starts don't come easy and Sonya finds herself shedding blood, sweat, and tears at the cost of getting by. When she comes up against the same monster that destroyed her home, will she crumble or finally get the new life she wants?

(A completed adventure, action, and romance novel set in a unique fantasy world.)

(Winner of Lavender Awards: Second Place in Fantasy, Cleaved Awards: Second Place in Fantasy, Rainberry Awards: Second Place in Action/Adventure, and Dream Awards: Honorable Mention in Action/Adventure.)

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