A Star's Fall

A Star's Fall

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Vida Adler By Chef_Adler Updated 3 days ago

Wallachia, 1848. 

"They relished in their secrets, smiling faces bright. Until stars fell, and scorched their paths." 

Mihai Cuza has to finish it before it begins again. He's walking on a thin line: playing messenger for the revolutionaries and assisting a guild of clairvoyants. And hoping it stays this way. 

Ioan Petrescu is no one. Living on his uncle's mercy. Keeping track of every life falling prey to a supernatural coma. Caring for all. Truth is: deep down, he knows he's too selective. 

A rebellion, that is destined to fail, is brewing. A helpless ruler, desperate for saving his throne, calls upon his old friend. 

It would've been so much better if they knew all would change. But not in the way they wanted. 


| Wattys 2018 Longlisted | 

First started: 3/6/18

Genre: Historical Fiction

Highest tags: #1 in speculative-fiction, #1 in clairvoyant and #6 in nineteenthcentury. 

Gorgeous cover by @elzarion

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AshleyLenaGranger AshleyLenaGranger Jun 04, 2018
Everything is revolving around me. I feel so dizzy. *Fells on the floor* Someone help me! *-*
mszame mszame Jun 05, 2018
Hey, I'm cool with it since you admitted it XD
                               Pisses me off when folk *don't* admit it and say everything's accurate
elzarion elzarion Jun 03, 2018
And I was so excited, totally missed the first introductory part. 
Xenoblast Xenoblast Dec 23, 2018
Love the awareness and intelligence in these opening words :)
smhrain smhrain Jul 25, 2018
I can tell I’m gonna love this ( even though History isn’t my friend )!
154B3LL3 154B3LL3 Dec 25, 2018
Unless you wake up 7:20 in the morning while your school starts at 7:30. 🤣
                              But this is such a wonderful dedication, i will continue to dream in math class :)