Detroit: Reality Shift

Detroit: Reality Shift

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Faye Desmond By Faye_Desmond Updated Jul 29, 2018

Set after Detroit: Become Human
(Markus's revolution was peaceful and successful. Connor, having turned deviant, is still working for the DCPD and as Hank's partner, no longer under the influence of Cyberlife's protocols)

The tension between aggressive androids and malicious humans would inevitability clash, and the results would be in destructive every time. Whenever an android was involved in a serious case, Hank and Connor were assigned to it.  

However, something ancient yet new is stirring in Detroit. Both partners are about to have their perspectives on reality altered yet again. As for Connor, he was going to experience a new spectrum of emotions. A new spectrum that would make him understand even more of what it means to be human.

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