She woke up cold and in a dark place with no memories of who she is or where she is from. What happened to her? Will she ever know?Will she fix her problems or pursue something different? Will the love that she finds belong to the time that she is destined to be? Who or  what does she chose? Will she chose security, power, or neither? Or will time choose for her.
the description was good, but if you had put more imagery it would become alive. Voted!
wow, this is long! it's really good too, i can't find any major errors, or minor errors for that matter.... :P
wow,,,so far i have read up to the fourth page - i wanted to comment now before i read on to say that this is awesome!!!
                                    it has an amazing written style and i think its really good :) *votes*
@mohawkguy28 It makes sense. however it just seems messy here. But Good that you already know it.