My lovely bishojo//Yandere boys x reader

My lovely bishojo//Yandere boys x reader

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Ahhhhhhhh ahhhhh I love this cover so much! 
The artist of this beautiful cover is @zarconic go check out their amazing covers....ahah I LOVE IT

Let's say.... the girl: y/n was applying for this job to work at a luxurious hotel, of course she made it in, but the catch issss~ she had two slots available for her and that was being a housekeeper and a lifeguard patrol.

...One day, 7 boys walked into the front entrance when she hurriedly trying to get on time to fix and make rooms. The boys suddenly caught their attention onto the lady who was squeezing and dodging things, of course dropping things. The boys seems to slowly learned more about the girl while they were feeling for her

They were:

Will this affection for this girl be helped...Or she's just a goner?  (•\\\~\\\•) 

-Meow out (I'm going to try to make the yandere a slow maybe... idk chapter)

  • comedy
  • envy
  • gluttony
  • greed
  • horror
  • lust
  • pride
  • sloth
  • wrath
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