Dear Universe, ✔

Dear Universe, ✔

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"Don't leave, Annie. We can figure this out." I'm begging and just when I think she's going to give in, she turns and starts to walk away. I can feel my heart breaking as she takes step after step.

"So that's it, you're just going to leave? You can do better than that, Annie. Go ahead, yell and scream. Tell me that you're too fucked up for this, tell me that I'm too fucked up for this. Say that we'd never work and that you don't love me. I dare you to say something, Annie. Say something real and stop hiding your feelings." She stops walking and I feel bad for saying what I did, but I had to dig deep, I had to get through to her, to let her know that I'm not letting her just walk away from me, not like this. 

She doesn't turn back though. After a few seconds, she continues walking across the field towards the parking lot.  At this point, I have nothing left to lose.

"Dear Star" I shout just loud enough for her to hear half way across the field. She stops dead in her tracks, the bag falling from her shoulder.

Annie is consumed with guilt, she's punishing herself for something that wasn't her fault. 

Her little brother, River, is dead and her family is falling apart. She is falling apart.

Her only outlet is her blog, where she pours all of her thoughts anonymously to the universe.

Ian is consumed with guilt, he's blaming himself for something that had to be done. 

Annie and Ian are unlikely friends, but they have more in common than they think.

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Sapphiredragon95 Sapphiredragon95 Jun 26, 2018
For some reason whenever I see fieldan I think of rider from tangled
GenAHaz GenAHaz Oct 07, 2018
Sorry, I’ve literally been in love with spider man forever😂
jordynnotrenee jordynnotrenee Jul 27, 2018
I do this all the time! Is it not common for a teen to shake another teen's hand?😂
jordynnotrenee jordynnotrenee Jul 27, 2018
I love me a good tinge of nervousness in a male leads voice.😙
RoCredits RoCredits Nov 27, 2018
I love bright colors but I wear black all the time .. my wardrobe is just dark overall 😂
RoCredits RoCredits Nov 27, 2018
That’s exactly why I would never date a boy at my school .. I hate people in my business