Lights Out (Eyeless Jack x Reader)

Lights Out (Eyeless Jack x Reader)

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xᴇɴᴀ (ᴀᴅᴍɪɴ) By Discorded_Melody Updated Apr 07, 2015

You are what you would like to consider as a normal human being, too bad you can't say the same for your friend Xena Wolff. When you get pulled into a world of insanity and unrealistic beings, you start to doubt every life choice you had made. And when a favorite fairytale character walks into the picture set as your guardian to protect those who are set on killing you.

Well shit gets real and lets just say you have done enough exercise to last you a lifetime, and talk about finding love in the weirdest of places. Whether or not you'll admit to yourself that your fear of falling in love is all in your head, well that is all up to you.

Well... Read on...

                              Jeff the Killer: Why LJ?
                              Cause I couldn't mentally have you or BEN dating my friend.
                              BEN Drowned: Aww... You're so cute when you're jealous..
                              And you're cute when you're nose is bleeding...
Well to your personality in the book is say someone like Ticci Toby, since he shares a cheerful personality but is a threat when angered.
EeveeJenn EeveeJenn Jun 10
Umm. Let me create one.................. how about.. raperman (another 1 of Slendys bros) ?!? XDDD
I have insomnia, ADHD , and my anxiety levels r GAHH cause of school and schist
Toby or candypop Lj's brother he's Lj but with color and has a giant lollipop as a weapon
This bitch better be ready to catch these Hands if she's gonna be sneaking up behind me with a knife