When She Speaks (Rewritting soon)

When She Speaks (Rewritting soon)

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Lexy By Dream_Catcher18 Updated Jan 18, 2014

Star hasn't spoken a word in more then two years. After her father passes a way, she stops speaking. She's a prisoner in her own mind and her secrets are darker then anyone can imagine.
BOOK ONE in the Bullied Series.

 NOTE: When She Speaks is a rough draft. After the rough draft is complete, the story will be taken down for major edits. 


If only his first name was Josh instead of Thomas 😏😏
                              OkaY bye
Bîtch  u need to shut ur mouth before u won't even have a mouth to speak
That could never happen not even if ur a kid if u move from one county 2 another when ur a teen ur accent will never fully change. X
laucoh3 laucoh3 Sep 28, 2014 02:02AM
swarm* (sorry don't mean to be irritating I just heard you're editing this)
laucoh3 laucoh3 Sep 28, 2014 02:00AM
if you're editing this to be published, here's one you missed! I love your book  by the way it's wonderful I'm re-reading it