World of Ice and Darkness

World of Ice and Darkness

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Noah Lawson By NoahLawson Updated Nov 18, 2018

"He who could not resist the power of the sun."

Levia Locker, the girl who was often misunderstood because of her chaotic life and very clear fantasies. She has secrets - and not such little ones, especially when it appears that the last wizard is turning against her. Moreover, a suddenly rumor claims that Leviathan, the gruesome monster from Dragantir, has returned and has something on her mind...

Fedragin. The dragon which was cursed by the sun itself, on the day of the Great Solar Ritual. He now controls winter - forever, as it seems.
Leviathan is rising, but she's still too weak. She sends her cursed servant of ice to prepare for the destruction of mankind.

Miraculously, their paths meet each other. Levia and Fedragin. Who would have ever thought their lives would be so similar?

Meanwhile Leviathan makes her appearance. When she's strong enough, she'll do what she has to do.
Levia, Leviathan. Their names are intertwined forever.

Even Fedragin had to admit that.


This is the first part of a trilogy I'm translating from Dutch into English. 
1. World of Ice and Darkness 
2. World of Wings and Feathers 
3. Doesn't have a title yet... (oops)
In Dutch they're (temporarily) called Fedragin, Raphik and Leviathan.

Please let me know it if you find any mistake!