A Murder Of Crows Prompts

A Murder Of Crows Prompts

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Jen By promptingskenekidz Updated Nov 11, 2018

               Prompt: Jamison, Kieran, and Cole hanging out when they were younger


                "Kieran, cut it out," Jamison said with a sigh.

                But Kieran jumped right into the stream before them, not bothering to take his sneakers or socks off. He kicked the water at Jamison with a toothy grin.

                "Aw, come on, Jamie, afraid of a little water?" he taunted.

                "Hey, cut it out! My mom will get mad if I get my clothes wet!" Jamison said, jumping back.

                But his foot caught on a rock and he let out a yelp as he fell backwards. He landed on his elbows, wincing.

                "You're such a klutz," Kieran said, coming over and offering Jamison his hand.

                "You're the one who was splashin' him," Cole said, watching from a safe distance.

                Jamison took Kieran's hand, letting the other boy pull him to his feet. He inspected his elbows, pouting at the light wounds...