Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract

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Gema R By Gema15writes Completed

Danielle Matthews: is the popular girl, she's funny and nice.

Elijah Kingston: is the resident school badboy who doesn't care what people think. 

Neither can stand each other. He feels she's fake and she feels he's a bad influence.

Then one day, they were both told something that would change their lives forever.

Will they be able to deal or will they tear each other apart?

Things just got a whole lot more complicated.

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Woah I swear to God if some guy said that I would really pinch it😂😂😂 and maybe a slap after that
tonidynah tonidynah Jul 10
I can’t say that because trust, my friend WILL do it😂😂
I always laugh when people say this after someone literally just talked to to that person in a rude manner, like actually people will cause it just happened 😂
Hun, that's not gonna work. You see, this is Wattpad. Meaning the cold hearted douche and the hurt and caged, but positive, girl always end up together
it won't make anything better. you'll just end up being a total bitch like them
nyjahwri nyjahwri Sep 23
I feel like these are gonna be her new friends maybe bestfriends