System...I Really Don't Care[BL]

System...I Really Don't Care[BL]

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Osuoha By Osuoha Updated Dec 03

Su Lin is lazy by nature. Faced with physical labor he worked hard to make a successful company to rise in the ranks.

After he made the richest company in the world, he thought that he could finally lay back and relax binge-watching his favorite shows while eating skittles but no, life had to just kill him.

Join him on his forced journey to save worlds against his will.

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incest...well, I do mind but if it BL incest we talking about, I won't mind at all  but I will encourage you instead...I must be crazy
0ctoFox 0ctoFox Sep 20
Call me weird, call me crazy............ but I actually like mxm incest..........
                              I can feel the judge from my phone........
                              *goes to hide in my safe haven*
Aki_Mizuki Aki_Mizuki Sep 18
Is that a door? I never knew there was a door. All i see is BL 👀🙊
logia13 logia13 a day ago
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Malodi101 Malodi101 Oct 06
There are no more innocent in this world. 
                              Those who say they are, are hypocrites.
Innocent minds! There be none on this world. Even baby's can be very evil. But not cats they are just awesome