System...I Really Don't Care[BL]

System...I Really Don't Care[BL]

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Osuoha By Osuoha Updated 6 days ago

Xiu Yan is lazy by nature. Faced with physical labor he worked hard to make a successful company to rise in the ranks.

After he made the richest company in the world, he thought that he could finally lay back and relax binge-watching his favorite shows while eating skittles but no, life had to just kill him.

Join him on his forced journey to save worlds against his will.

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slothia2 slothia2 5 hours ago
incest...well, I do mind but if it BL incest we talking about, I won't mind at all  but I will encourage you instead...I must be crazy
0ctoFox 0ctoFox 4 days ago
Call me weird, call me crazy............ but I actually like mxm incest..........
                              I can feel the judge from my phone........
                              *goes to hide in my safe haven*
Aki_Mizuki Aki_Mizuki 6 days ago
Is that a door? I never knew there was a door. All i see is BL 👀🙊
Hmmm? Why would you need a door? I ain't leaving 😛 you need to take that door out it's useless 😄
fangirlrock fangirlrock Jul 25
*leaves* No thank you!
                              *Comes back at midnight 'sneakly' through the door*
Damn, I dislike BL stories. The description got me into it too. Bye