His Mate | ✔️

His Mate | ✔️

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For as long as Kara has been alive, she's avoided being claimed. No, Kara Masters is not one to be tied down. Beating the mating competition and her future mate has been everything she's trained for. After what her father did, she knows she'll never be in the same position as her mother. Everything in her life has taught her one very important lesson. One that she lives by. 

Mates are bad and they don't work out. Don't be the foolish one who takes a chance and pays for it. 

That's everything she's known...until she meets him. 

Cain Briggs. 

Then her whole world changes and she's on a journey that has more than it's fair share of pushes and pulls. 


I turn around when I hear rustling and see the same guy that took my breath away the moment I saw him. 

     Cain Briggs.

     "You," I say. 

     "You," he repeats.


Contains swearing/strong language
Contains one chapter with mature content


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"I love this story, from the moment I first read it, I knew it was going to be great and that I'd stick around to read it. It's been great to see all your hard work put into one masterpiece. I cannot wait for the next story, I'm sure it'll be great just like this one. I'll be there to read every bit of it. xo" - @Readingrules2u33

"ahh, I need more!" - @_Joelle_

"Update as soon as you can! Ever since I read the first sentence of this book, wait no, the first letter of this book, I've been obsessed and in love with this book!" - @Anna_11__

"Wanted to wait until I finished reading before commenting, but this book is honestly so good. Read it all in one go, and can't wait to read the next chapter!" - @obsessedwithbooks3

"THIS IS SOOO AMAZING" - @jayxden_

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