New Dawn

New Dawn

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Phoenix By NethEllethTeithant Updated 6 days ago

*sequel to The Unexpected | a LOTR/Legolas fanfic, SPOILERS BELOW*

Nine years after the events of the War of the Ring, Lumornel has changed--forever. No longer trapped in the mortal body Sauron cursed her with, her abilities are stronger and more real than ever. 

Not only is she faced with the full unleashing of her powers, the truth about their origins has come to light. The Valar; the most powerful beings on Arda, have had play in Lumornel's elven making. Death had taken her--but the Valar gave her life. And at great costs.

Lumornel travels Middle-Earth without any memory from before she woke up on a death-stricken battlefield and now with a worsening memory, she searches for the only person who could help her regain her past. In doing so, dark things come to light about an ancient power. 

Legolas has only one task on his mind; finishing his Love's mission of saving Middle-Earth. Things change for him though, and he must hurry to gather everything he can in order to defeat the enemy before time runs out.

Sauron has been vanquished, but in his place is Alagosson; a foe with a mysterious background. Alagosson finally comes to terms with the fact that everything he thought he knew may not be what it seems. 

Dark intentions threaten to end Middle-Earth as all know it and plunge it into the darkness of a great evil.

Only one light can withstand the darkness. But even a single flame cannot illuminate the world.

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