Little Emi (Discontinued)

Little Emi (Discontinued)

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purpleysabel By purpleysabel Updated May 03, 2015

I stink at descriptions so I'm just going to say I do not appreciate bashing of any sort and that I would love you forever if you read this. Okay? Okay! I scared you? Probably.

Please do not post this on other sites and claim it as yours because 1) that's a lie 2) it's wrong to lie 3) I think that's considered cyberbullying and 4) You will be reported by someone...probably...maybe...if only people nowadays cared more.

I have decided that I will update this every sem break, Christmas break, Summer, or if I have spare time.

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LazzyFoxx LazzyFoxx Mar 12, 2017
Uhmmm.. I knew you were stupid Yusuke but.. that's on a whole new level...
ducktael ducktael Jul 03, 2016
ehh, don't worry I've never wrote anything on wattpad and I have a brocon fanfic too. your story seems awesome! I'll definitely enjoy reading this. :)
QueenBootyShorts QueenBootyShorts Jul 21, 2016
I obviously fear boys. Cuz I'm awkward and I don't know how to talk to them 😂
iamanawesometaco iamanawesometaco May 09, 2015
Ahaha, the naïveté... Men are big, scary creatures, Yuusuke-kun.
purpleysabel purpleysabel Dec 23, 2014
@DaliaFabinski The first chapter is sort of an introduction. I know the first chapter is really crappy, but I will be fixing all those issues at a later point in time.
DaliaFabinski DaliaFabinski Dec 23, 2014
Sorry .. I love the story but I don't get that part her ← :(