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I Can Only Imagine *Watty Awards 2012*

I Can Only Imagine *Watty Awards 2012*

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Always_Daydreaming By Always_Daydreaming Completed

This is the story of a lonely girl. Well maybe lonely isn't quiet the word here considering she is the youngest of four children and twenty-four grandchildren. Hanna Anwaar is lonely in the sense that no one seems to understand her. Before you go any further this story is not what you think. This story is not about a girl trying to "find herself." She knows exactly who she is and what her beliefs are and is very set in those ways. However, certain events have her questioning herself and her beliefs.

innocent_angel3 innocent_angel3 Feb 22, 2013
@Always_Daydreaming Oh alright sorry then that's a really good idea it really is go,
Always_Daydreaming Always_Daydreaming Jan 22, 2013
@innocent_angel3 thanks for the concern but I am a Muslim girl and am fully aware of this. But I wanted to show a side that no one really sees. That people claim to be Muslim and fast and pray five times a day but still drink and party and do the opposite.
innocent_angel3 innocent_angel3 Jan 22, 2013
This book is very good but you need to research on Islam a little bit because alot of things in this book is not halal like dating, dancing, wearing short clothes etcc
goldnsilver66 goldnsilver66 Jan 16, 2013
This story looks good, I will continue to read insha'Allah
Always_Daydreaming Always_Daydreaming Jan 15, 2013
@swiftblink thank you but I can't take credit got it. The cover was made by @purplepuff
stained_glasses stained_glasses Oct 17, 2012
The first two sentences are a very intriguing beginning.  So much is said.  Like that a person can be lonely despite being surrounded by a bunch of people that love them.  Right away we know she has a huge supporting family, and begin to wonder why she feels the way she does.