My Alpha Mate

My Alpha Mate

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WerewolfLuver By Werewolfluver1 Completed

Danger is a hybrid, a powerful hybrid, so powerful infact, powerful wolfs could feel her coming into the world. 

Roomers spred, about a young werewolf, that could shift into an angel, wolf and vampire.                                

Many years ago, when she was still in a pack, her parents died fighting rouges, the rouges killed most of the people in her pack. Danger managed to escape and live as a rouge, her vampire taught her to be quick, her wolf taught her to be brave and her angel taught her how to live.                                                                                  

Many years later, she is hunting in the forest, when she is tackled by a huge grey wolf....          Find out what happens when she gets captured and finds out her mate is the Alpha of the most powerful pack in the state. 

What will the Alpha think when he hears of the horror of her past? What happens when a pack of rouges attack and Danger seeks vengeance.

Vampire are fast werewolf are fast and angles can fly you could outrun this mother ducker any day
RedefiningReading RedefiningReading Feb 28, 2016
Sing from the chandelier. 
                              Crap someone wrote that
                              *sings song in head*
                              I told you!!! No one wrote that hmm... HMM???
Book_Worm7272 Book_Worm7272 Jun 14, 2016
I was about to write down a parody version of Chandelier for her angel and start off with "I'm gonna swing from the clouds," but then I saw the "dark" part and erased all of it. Shame.
Purtle3211 Purtle3211 Jan 24
One of these days I'm going to write a story on werewolves and she won't have a white wolf but a invisible one!! Or a black fading to white one!!!!!
- - May 14, 2016
XD. I love the irony you put into this because of the title of the chapter being in the story. Your cheesy, and I love cheesy authors! Great Job so far!
Book_Worm7272 Book_Worm7272 Jun 14, 2016
Dude I'm getting hungry and I seriously just ate large fries from Burger King ._.