The Dragons Daughter-Set 1

The Dragons Daughter-Set 1

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Book 1:The Last Dragon(chp 1-125)
Book 2:The Return(chp 126-170)
Book 3:Friend or Enemy(chp171-200)
***Inspired by Game Of Thrones***

For generations, the people of the western world had lived under one, corrupt, ruthless government, even though the population outnumbered the military two-hundred to one, the military forces were simply too strong for any kind of uprising. A sixteen year old girl, Jessica Albo, is destined to change her worlds reality when she is gifted three dragon eggs, found in the mountains by her father after he was forced to the bass of a volcano during a storm.

Dragons had been extinct for hundreds of years, but so long as the eggs remain heated, the dragon chicks within lie dormant. All that is required for them to hatch is to be heated to the temperature of their mothers breath... 

Jessica's fate will be forever changed the moment she is gifted the last dragons eggs, and the mystery of her enemies would one day be revealed after dragons had returned to the world once again.

Book 1:The Last Dragon
Book 2:The Return
book 3:Friend or Enemy

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