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Endymion was an outcast, a werewolf who couldn't transform. He didn't have any place in the pack at all. Death was his sentence however by some miracle he managed to escape. Living a normal life and forgetting about his origins, he was happy. Until the future Alpha of the pack starts to pursue him. Will he run or fight back?

And I suck at making descriptions so read? Pretty please?

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xear213 xear213 Sep 25
And I also find it annoying that people mispronoune your name
chloeclo90 chloeclo90 Sep 09
So it was a tornado we are in a car and my mom and sister was praying I wasn't I was just thinking like is this the end am I gonna die can I turn on the radio
I don't know why everyone is saying their race since no one gives a fück but okay
Jtan_Jtan Jtan_Jtan Jul 20
I thought he was half greek. The name Endymion appears a lot in greek stories.
Wait ? Is he a gay boy who dresses like girl ? 
                              Or is he a lesbian who was boy ? 
                              I am confused.... is he/she gay or lesbian or straight?
Matthew and kirk are names of these really jerk athletic boys in my class so I hate this name