Merlin's scars *discontinued*

Merlin's scars *discontinued*

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I-have-many-fandoms By mary_7805 Completed

On a hunting trip, the knights, along with a pratty prince, get into a bragging contest showing everyone their scars, what happens when they ask Merlin about his scars? What happens when he refuses? 

I'm not an experienced wrighter I am 13, and there will be major mistakes

Let me clear up a few things, THIS Is IMPORTANT!
•Lancelot is dead
• only Ghias knows about Merlin's magic
• I will be making things up for the sake of the story 
• Merlin is pretty good with a sword 
• this takes place in season 5, just pretend they needed a get-away, and called it a hunting trip
• this is not a merther, it will be freylin if nothing else
• Arwen is cannon
•please vote, comment, and please please please follow me!
•Elyan is alive
•I own no videos, pictures or anything else in this!
•I feel like making another point just because I can!

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