Lily in the Shadows

Lily in the Shadows

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**WATTPAD PICKS -- Blast to the Future Past list** A YA Historical Fantasy set in Victorian London that mixes magic, romance and mystery.

It's 1862, and London high society's favourite pastime is magic spells. But between trying to make a living as a flower girl, dodging local gang leaders and coping with the fact that she's deaf, sixteen-year old Lily Scott has no time for such lofty things. The last thing she needs is a strange epidemic killing all the flowers in the city. Out of a job and threatened with starvation on the streets of Whitechapel, Lily decides she can't leave it up to some stuffy British Museum scientists in top hats to help. 

Determined to solve the mystery of the dead flowers, Lily quickly finds herself in over her head as children disappear, librarians get killed by spontaneously combusting books and newspapers blame the phenomena on 'dark magic'. Soon panic sweeps across the city, and Lily's investigation becomes deadly when bombs go off everywhere she turns. From East London where the fog takes on a life of its own, to the gardens of Buckingham Palace which have been turned into a haunted forest, Lily needs to follow the clues and learn magic to sort this mess out before society collapses and she loses a lot more than her job.

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She seems rather interesting... and I can't help but wonder how she really feels about Wes, despite her not knowing herself.
mszame mszame Jun 09
OK, I love how you're showing speech here. I know she's deaf and using italics is honestly a great idea!
- - May 27
Intriguing! The premise is great -- looking forward to reading more and seeing more of your protag.
Chef_Adler Chef_Adler Jun 09
All your girls are so sassy! 👌 Except Izzy maybe. No wait, she's sassy too, just gets overshadowed by Vita's personality. I LOVE Victorian London and another story by you is a treat!
SugarStereo SugarStereo Jun 13
She's clearly a girl fending for herself, and it's so sad how she's deaf. But that just goes to show— anyone can do anything. I suppose I did suspect the gentleman of having ulterior motives, but fortunately he didn't. 😂 Great first chapter!!!
O_Z_M_O O_Z_M_O Jun 05
Thank you for using  Victorian London! Your descriptions amaze!