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The bad boy wants me?

The bad boy wants me?

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thetruegurl By thetruegurl Updated Oct 13, 2016

"I know you want me." he whispered in my ears making me shiver.   "No, I don't and won't ever want you." I replied trying to sound confident.   "You're lying, every girl wants me." and with that he pressed his lips against mine, he ran his tongue against my lips asking for entrance, I sealed my lips tightly, all of a sudden he grabbed my hip slamming it into the hard wall behind me, I groaned and he took advantage of it by slipping his tongue into my mouth thrusting his tongue against mine. he slowly pulled away making me miss his lips on mine, I knew it was wrong and I couldn't fall in love with him because he's a gang leader and at the same time so was I and that was wrong, I quickly got out of his reach, ran to my room and locked my door.                   What happens when the school bad boy Matthew Gilinsky crosses path with good girl Chanel Santiago and finds out her secret that she's been keeping for three years? When Matthew and Chanel are put into the same apartment? They hate each other, playing pranks on each other and fighting for the bathroom. They soon discover what they were both hiding from everyone else.                                                 Chanel's a sweet girl that can be a bitch when people get on her bad side but other than that she does good in school, she loves her family and friends.  Matthew on the other hand is a bad boy that everyone knows is in a gang and plays with girls hearts and gets into fights all the time.

There was only one full stop in this paragraph... girl check your punctuation and grammar
pianopain pianopain Dec 19, 2016
--In your life 
                              Taking pictures with all my ice
                              But I can't be your wife.
                              I just want you 4 the night.
Angelicakoch11 Angelicakoch11 Sep 29, 2016
Just like in 2009 in fast and furious with Paul Walker! Rip Paul Walker😭❤️️🚘🚙
itscindydoan itscindydoan Jul 21, 2016
Idk, getting raped, kidnapped, killed, a thief in the house, yep nothing could go wrong :)
Angelicakoch11 Angelicakoch11 Sep 29, 2016
Free_The_Nipple Free_The_Nipple Nov 12, 2016
When u write dios and it auto corrects to food 
                              Btw I was meant to say dios mio