Three for the City

Three for the City

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Molly Louise By MollyLouise Completed

Nearly one year after he moved into an off-campus apartment, Matt Winchester finds himself in a similar scenario in a different city. As always, Topher Stanton's there to ease the transition, and his cousin Delia is along for the ride.

Matt hasn't come away from four years of college debt free, and without a steady job a dollar is getting harder and harder to stretch. While he's completely comfortable with his growing and evolving relationship with Topher, the real world's going to put a squeeze on him he can't ignore.

He knows better than to take anything for granted, but Topher can't help himself. He's got the guy, a good job, a steady roof over his head, and the chance to nail down a definition of home he hasn't been able to lay claim to before. But life has a sense of humor and a wicked curve, and Topher's going to have to find balance in a constantly moving world.

Delia's not quite sure where she fits into this madhouse, but she knows one thing for sure - it's going to be a hell of a summer.