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She was a goddess, they were her worhshipers, and they ruled the wood

Her pack is feral, feral packs were myth to his kind these days, but there she was, in her full naked glory, surrounded by wolves. This female knew the wild around her, and feared the humanity that had come to their territory. Damien had sought to enlarge his territory to save his pack from the hunters bound to destroy it, but these wild wolves would not bow to him, only to their feral queen.

She was but a wolf, born in the wrong time, and ruled in the wrong time. Humanity had come for her. 

photo creds: Tara McKinney, I just used the photo from Google and made it a cover, the photo isn't mine. 

Fair warning, in this book, werewolves do not have a moon goddess, they follow the law of nature, and choose their own mates. Also, the werewolves do not possess inhuman strength or advanced healing.

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