The Overworld - The Last Shadowshifter

The Overworld - The Last Shadowshifter

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Blizzard By dragon_slayer715 Updated Apr 28

***First book in the Realm series***

Skyla, a sixteen-year-old villager who never left her village, Illinium, yearns to find out about the outside world. Her village is poor and doesn't have any contact with the outside world, other than the usual traders who come occasionally.

One day, as Skyla exits her village's walls to go foraging, she comes across a mysterious figure drifting in the river. She tries to save him, but gets swept along the current and falls unconscious. When she comes to, she realizes that the figure who was unconscious in the river has saved her from Undeads - mindless, zombie-like villagers who have been taken by other Undeads.

The boy who saves her is Hunter, a nineteen-year-old Imperial Warrior who refuses to tell anyone how he ended up in the river.

As more and more Undeads emerge and a new species of Undead rises, Skyla is determined to figure out the truth. What truly lies beyond the walls that have confined her to her village?


I'm so sorry for being inactive for the past few weeks. I know that I said that I would start a new book, but that's unrelated to this. I think that this book has a better potential than my other idea, so I've started this one.

Thanks for always being so supportive!


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