All For publicity (Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

All For publicity (Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

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Scarlett's fame is on the rise - her blockbuster films are earning millions in the box office, and she's becoming more well known by the minute. Louis' a teen heartthrob and member of whats soon enough becoming the biggest boy band on the planet. Apart from their international celebrity status, Scarlett and Louis have something else in common - their management are looking for a publicity boost for their clients, and it seems that a staged relationship would do just the trick. 

Which is fine, because Its all just a big set up for publicity... right?

***** Please bare in mind that I wrote this fanfic when I was 14 (4 years ago) and although it is a sweet story I was clearly no award winning author. *****

Yeah does that mean she's somehow related to Louis because that's his old last name before it was changed...
dean0dean dean0dean Apr 24
NOO. THAT IS SOO CUTE 😭😭😭 i got goosebumps... WHO ELSE GOT GOOSES BUMPS ✋🏼
If they remember each other when they meet up... That shît is going to get awkward.
Queen_Of_TimeLords Queen_Of_TimeLords Nov 28, 2015
No. I don't see her as Emma Watson. 
                              She. Is. Hermione. Granger
MayQueen05 MayQueen05 Aug 17, 2015
I was a ballerina in Kindergarten and a tap dancer, (I quit in first grade) so trust me kid it's not all it seems. I almost broke my arm and foot...
fabtastic5sos fabtastic5sos Jul 03, 2015
seriously? i don't know why people love emma so much! No offence but i really don't think she's pretty...