The Jerk and the Waitress ✔

The Jerk and the Waitress ✔

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Meet Trey, your almost typical senior highschool student. He hates nearly everyone, and everything. After the death of his parents, all he wanted to do is graduate, take care of his 8 year old little sister, and move on with his life.

It seemed as if it was too much to ask for when a classmate of is, Corinne Dwell stumbled her way into his life. She's a crappy waitress, too shy for her own good, and what Trey hates the most? She puts a smile on everyone's face, even his.

Trey gets to learn a few things about Corinne. She's not just a crappy waitress, she's the mother of two year old Anne, a little girl he's seen at the park on several occasions with his sister.

Trey's life becomes a roller coaster ride as Corinne is opened into his world. He learns a little lesson on family, friendship, and love.

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Ummm... is that like a aww thinking about the old times or who cares they’re gone kinda moment????
RobinRogers5 RobinRogers5 a day ago
My name yeahhh but im not that guy im nit pass 20 so not him just Mr Rogers
Ifrit_Power Ifrit_Power 2 days ago
I get the music in my head too sometimes... especially when eating good food, all of my friends and I just start dancing without even realizing it
haloh03 haloh03 a day ago
okay so my best friend's name is serenity and she's dating a guy named trey bKAKDID
When you are so lonely you can't tell the differences from love and friendship!😂😂
Dylan__Tyler Dylan__Tyler 2 days ago
Why did she punch her in the mose? Does she always punckes ppl in the nose when they confess their love to her?