Twins// SEDDIE

Twins// SEDDIE

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seddiefreak By seddiefreak Updated Jun 14, 2014


Me an my two best friends were in the icarly studio 

Sam just hung up the phone.

" Who was that? you seem pretty mad " Carly said

" UGH! I am. " she said

" Why? " I asked

" None of your business fredbag " she rudely replies to me

" Sam be nice, now why are you mad? " Carly said

" Melanie's moving in our home again. sure I'm not home as often but she has To go to school with us now and stuff. ugh now I have to see her often. this is just great " she says sarcastically

" Guys, I thought this " Melanie " thin was over? I'm obviously not that gullible! " I said 

" Whatever you say frednub " Sam says

18 minutes later--

" Well, I'm gonna go to build a bra. you want to come? " Sam asked Carly 

She looks so beau- WHAT.. I AM OVER HER..... I think...

" Sure! " Carly says and grabs her sweater

" Alright bye guys "

" Bye nub " 

" Bye Freddie "


Sam and Carly are still at build a bra, it's been 20 minutes since they've l...