My Lionheart (Cullen Rutherford)

My Lionheart (Cullen Rutherford)

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Victoria By victoriaGeg Updated Nov 27, 2018

Eleanor never thought she will become a leader of the Inquisition, even fall in love with a Templar. The one she loved so dearly becomes her enemy and the one she used to afraid of became a part of her life.
Eleanor was never been taken to the circle of magi, once her father found out about her magical abilities and couldn't keep her hidden any longer, he told her to run and hide. As she did, however, she chose the worst place to hide, Kirkwall. It was where her love was, she couldn't imagine a better life than to be with him, Samson. Although he was a Templar he never knew about Eleanor's special abilities. 

The story takes place in Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age Inquisition universe.
Dragon Age belongs to BioWare.

I only own my few characters, the rest belongs to BioWare. P.s. You can choose to picture Eleanor however you want, I just thought Yenn would be marvellous Inquisitor;)

Btw I'm not a native English speaker if you find any major grammatic mistakes you are welcome to point them out.

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Yennefer from the Witcher 3 hmmm........interesting choice for a face claim
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ARNO DORIAN FROM ASSASSIN'S CREED! Oh my god ohmygodohmygodohmygod *fangirling overload*
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