Fame is Poison a.k.a. The One

Fame is Poison a.k.a. The One

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Nina By MaskedAuthor Completed

Fame is Poison. If you let it rot you enough on the inside, you might have a chance in the limelight.

Kate’s life is going to change drastically overnight; from an insecure student to model. She will stop at nothing to achieve fame and become a part of the same circle of friends her mother had before her ‘accidental’ death.

When revenge, against people who ridiculed her, is thrown into the mix; it’s all the better.

Besides she will find out that the flashy and glamorous world isn't so pretty and the dark secrets it possesses are absolutely to kill for...

A/N: The story is getting taken down bit by bit as I'm trying to get it published :)

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  • murder
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justbuythecookies justbuythecookies Dec 06, 2011
What an idiot. Katie, your lovelorn stupidity truly amazes me.
S-Jamess S-Jamess Mar 31, 2011
I dont like Johnny haha, he seems like a total butthead.
                              But this is a good start (:
MaskedAuthor MaskedAuthor Mar 28, 2011
@queenkay No need to worry :D I know how busy it can get. Whenever you have the time, your under no pressure ;)
queenkay queenkay Mar 28, 2011
hey sorry I havent commented lately. I have been reading on my phone and haven't had a chance to access my home computer as I have been busy. but I still love this story please keep writing. I havent had a chance to read your other stories but will read as soon as I  get  some  time Keep it up : D
tianajade tianajade Mar 06, 2011
A good start. A few grammar errors here and there, but they can be easily fixed. I really like the storyline, it sounds like it will be an interesting and entertaining read (: Overall, nice work and keep writing!
HerBeautifulDeath HerBeautifulDeath Mar 05, 2011
Jhonny is an ass Dx 
                              haha but ya this is really good.
                              I am off to