My Alpha (Teacher&Student)

My Alpha (Teacher&Student)

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I took her gently by the chin and made her face me. 

"Penelope listen to me. Your a beautiful smart young girl and your ten times better then those girls."

She didn't look like she believed what i said. "Believe me" i said softly.
My fingers were brushing against her cheek. I stared in her eyes as she did mine. She flinched and got up.

"I'm sorry i have to go". She got her stuff and was walking away.

"No penelope wait....please penelope stop"!  I tried my best.

She kept walking as it turned to running. I felt an adrenaline rush and punched the wall. 

"Argh". I said in pain and held my bruising fist. I was alone once again and i sighed as i rested in my chair.

panscan panscan Feb 19
When they stare, make the weirdest face possible
                              That's what I do
You know sofie's trying so hard to be cool when she still uses face book
Hey, maybe you could change this paragraph a little so some sentences are combined and there's less 'I's? I can help you if you want.
He sounds like that greedy bitch from the Chocolate Factory movie
me all the way always getting in trouble at school i got my computer teacher fired
Brunilda13 Brunilda13 Nov 16, 2015
Your young and you go to school, so people will stare at you. Ok