The Maid of honor

The Maid of honor

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Semra By Semrahh Updated Nov 21, 2017

Kira Jones, a famous artist, and Griffin Brooks, the CEO of Brooks Inc., used to be childhood friends when a falling out during highschool broke them apart. 

Years after completly ignoring each other's existance, Kira's brother is getting married and the two of them are invited. As if tolerating each other wasn't going to be hard enough, they discover that Griffin's younger sister convinced their parents that the two of them were secrely dating. The parents immediately went to confirm and the two found themselves stuck in a lie. Convinced that they can't untangle the web of lies, they decide to go with Anna's lie and pretend they are, in fact, dating. 

But things don't go as smoothly as they had planned, when their past, exes and their parents are determined to to make this one difficult lie to keep up. 

Read 'The maid of Honor' to find out what will happened between the two as the wedding date and the truth are nearing in on them.

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