The Client (18+ Only) [COMPLETED] #Wattys2014

The Client (18+ Only) [COMPLETED] #Wattys2014

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kim//negan By KanyeInterruptedMe Completed

Reed frowned, his eyes filled with confusion when he saw that Lena seemed to be fine. "I heard a scream," he announced stiffly, standing awkwardly over Lena's bed.

Beneath the sheets, Lena was torn between renewed arousal and slight mortification. Embarrassment won.

"Everything's fine," she muttered, trying to discreetly disengage the battery-operated toy from between her thighs. It was a thick phallus, way too thick to silently exit her wet pússy, but finally, finally, it popped out.

"But you screamed."

"Because I came, Reed."

His bewilderment only grew. "Came where?"

And that was when Lena knew that even after what had happened between them last night, Reed was still like a newborn, an innocent. He might have been the most intelligent guy she knew but in many ways, he was still the boy he'd been before the accident that had marred his life.

So she heaved out a sigh, clamping her thighs together when she felt his gaze scorch her damp skin.

"I had an orgasm, Reed." She calmly spelled it out, wondering if she should mention that it was his cock she'd been imagining inside her. Now that she knew what he was packing, it was impossible to get the image out of her head - not that she was trying.

Reed swallowed, a blush creeping up his neck. Lena was instantly turned on by that blush, by his obvious discomfort and arousal. So she did the most natural thing that came to her.

She pulled her sheets away.

*cover by @bullethood*

baddiexxxx baddiexxxx 2 days ago
lol everyone she wasn't protecting the actual Reed Lanchester. She was babysitting an imposter.
OnlyMidnighterz OnlyMidnighterz 7 days ago
Lol. I finally got why everyone was all "triggered" now 😂 Took a second there,  which is kinda fascinating since I'm kind of a feminist too lol (not a feme-Nazi, don't include me with that shít lol).
bruhness bruhness Jan 28
I'm turning 18 in May so... close enough. *ignores the fact I've read this stuff for years*
yaaboiiii yaaboiiii Feb 10
My best friends dad always calls her that cause there Russian and i never knew what it meant till now...
bruhness bruhness Jan 28
Fun fact: when I was a kid, I thought it was a smart idea to walk around my house blindfolded, fell down the basement stairs, and would have slammed my head onto the cement wall if my brother didn't catch me. He still doesn't let me forget my dumbassery, and the fact that he probably saved my life
cithruscity cithruscity Jan 23
lmao my innocence was taken away since fourth grade when some boy started cursing. innocence not meaning virginity !!