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Lost Reflection

Lost Reflection

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Samantha By Renee21 Updated Mar 03, 2011

They were together their whole life until one fateful night.

Natalya and Noelle were as different as day and night despite being identical twins.   Two peas in a pod, their father lovingly called them; they were perfect mirror images of each other with the same golden brown curly hair, freckles sprinkled across the bridge of their nose, and rich brown eyes, but that's where the similarities ended.   Noelle was everything her older sister wasn't; a social butterfly who loved the attention that came with being the life of the party.  It was Natalya who kept her balanced, and Natalya whose calm, reserved nature reined her in when no one else could. 

A couple weeks just before Christmas Eve as well their birthday; a bad snow storm hit and in the middle of Natalya's evening walk. Tragedy struck and Noelle is left alone; her best friend and only siblings is gone. Will she be able to survive the pain when she looks in the mirror and it looks like her sister is staring back at her? Will that spark of hers that made her the social party ever be re-lit? And Will Cody Warren be able to survive the guilt of knowing he accidently killed someone or will be consumed by it? Or will they be able to somehow save each other, even though Noelle loathes his very being?

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