LOVE AND SADNESS Male saiyan destroyer x dxd

LOVE AND SADNESS Male saiyan destroyer x dxd

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Jose Palomino By jpalominoooo24 Completed

You are God from universe 14
Who has a background of sadness and destruction

Harem story

Hope you like it this is my first story

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I don't thing you need to go somewhere to by no clothing but do you mean new clothing?
MrMirror MrMirror Jun 18
Reminds me of that boxer from one piece in the doflamingo arc
KrissDer KrissDer Jul 10
Fool* without* and the expression without a thought dosent exist btw i really like the story
NikkiNein NikkiNein Jul 12
We are a god of destruction, but we have a hunger thing like Goku, Luffy, and Natsu
_Vegito_ _Vegito_ Sep 30
So we have oozaru(great ape)kioken,ssj,ssj2,ssj3,(ssj4??)Ssg,Ssgss,ssgss kioken,Ultra Instinct,Mastered Ultra instinct
She must have back problems. And headaches. Sheesh, if i were her, and I wasn't broke, I'd get a reduction.