Subjected || Harry Styles [AU]

Subjected || Harry Styles [AU]

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England has become a place of a desolate and deadened humanity, due to Vampires overthrowing the originating government, reigning for two hundred years since.  

The King and his Lords have devised a new strategy of gaining the type of Bloodlust that they desire. These women will be discovered in a more brutal way, taken and sold as they find fit.  

Lord Harry has fallen into a dark pit of unhappiness and misery since his first and only love, Lola was killed two hundred years ago by Vampires. No one knows of his true memories, or the factor of his hatred towards his own kind. He merely goes along with their plans, remaining a very cold and detached being.   

He contributes to these new plans of discovering a Bloodlust, and somewhat feels open to finally possessing one of his own. During the auction of the year, 2214, Lord Harry seems to have finally found just the right one whom he had been looking for.  

But he didn't expect to have to fight for the right to have her.


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stylesarrows stylesarrows Apr 13, 2017
i just started reading you story and im already captivated! im so looking forward to reading the rest :)
LS_SL27 LS_SL27 Feb 08
Oh that's intresting, water making them weak. That's a new twisy
marcela_g824 marcela_g824 May 29, 2016
OML Girl!!! This Is So Good! And This Is Just The First Chapter! Congrats!
ImaginativeTypist ImaginativeTypist Dec 29, 2015
This video was very beautiful. I haven't read this book yet, but I'm looking forward to it! I have very high expectations but I'm  pretty sure you have already met them! I can't wait to read this masterpiece!
OughtToBeAShadow OughtToBeAShadow Feb 24, 2015
I've just started reading it and now I'm blown away for such awesomeness!!!
skyhighstyles skyhighstyles Aug 12, 2014
That was an amazing prologue! One of my friends recommended this to me and I think it's excellent! Really captivating and suspenseful, I adored it!