The Denial of Hearts (COMPLETED) [wattys 2018]

The Denial of Hearts (COMPLETED) [wattys 2018]

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LJ May By LJMay03 Completed

Sarina lived in an old fashion world when it came to her father. Which was also ironic since she was the heiress of LoTech.

When her father came to her with an arranged marriage as part of his business deal to join his company and Hunter Technology together, Sarina was disgusted by her father.

Now she is bound to this mysterious man as much as he is to her.

But it's the only way she can get out off her father's house and from under his thumb.

But Sarina didn't want to get married to a stranger, or at all, she wanted to travel and see the world.

If she marries the mysterious man, she gets out off her father's hair, but if she denies her father, she'll never be free.