Silence, Someone Isn't Speaking

Silence, Someone Isn't Speaking

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Raven Vice By RavenRavenous Updated Feb 05, 2014

Faye hasn't spoken, hasn't uttered a word in four years. In four long years, not one word has escaped her lips to fall on the deafened ears of those around her. No one sees the fresh marks she wears to school every morning. No one sees the thinly veiled fear that looms in Faye's navy blue eyes every time someone steps too close, or moves too fast, or even talks too loud. No one is witness to her flinches every time a loud noise sounds too close, sounds too much like an incoming beating.
Faye has been abused for the last five years of her life, and if it's taught her anything, it's this: Speaking only makes everything worse.
So she has vowed herself to silence. Complete, absolute, silence. And she's stuck to it for four years. But when the new guy takes interest in the mute girl things seem to change for Faye, but it only seems to be getting worse. And now the new guy wont leave her alone!

Ryker has been on his own since he was sixteen, paying his own way, working, and fulfilling his promise to his mother that he'd finish school; but when some trouble popped up at his last school, Ryker transferred to a new one to avoid the fallout. On his first day one of the girls catches his eye like no one else ever has... Only problem is, she doesn't say a word. How's a guy supposed to woo a girl if she can't even return a hello? But now Rkyer can't help it; he's too intrigued by her silence to just let this go. What is Faye hiding... or hiding from?

Could this boy be the key to Faye's lost voice? Can Faye prove to Ryker that there is more to life than just scraping by? Or are they simply not meant to be...

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RavenRavenous RavenRavenous Apr 06, 2012
                              She will in her own way, but I don't think she'll know that she's even asked.
MadScientist MadScientist Mar 05, 2011
oh god, what in the world was that???!!! you should bloody post more!!!! i love the suspense in it!!!! more!!!! XD