Reality check (Complete)

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Lips1ikesugar By Lips1ikesugar Updated 3 years ago
Alicia has been in a Coma for the last 12 months following a deathly car accident , when she wakes up she realises the life she once had was all but her imagination! How will she cope with these changes, will she cope with these changes? Follow her rollercoaster of a life, with surprise guests.  [Being edited]
Hey just wondering is this a spin off of if I stay?? Its a really good book! Ur a good writer
Cool! I love the idea that you will update daily. Most people don't have that kind of determination,
great chapter interesting, I feel like the plot is moving a little to fast though, but that's just my opinion
I think it's a good start so far, I can't wait to see where this leads :)
This sounds really interesting :) I already like Janet xD Love it :)
Goodness that short girl was rude! I don't really understand why that whole exchange was so hostile, but it fits with Alicia's newfound hate for reality. I will definitely come back to read more when you upload (: